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Lil Dragon Karate Classes:3-5 year old

Our Lil dragon program is designed to help the 3-5 year old become familiar with Martial Arts , they are taught a new skill set every three  months . A Martial Arts Skill, Safety Skill and a Life Skill .

 Please call For the schedule and time of this class. We are committed in teaching these younger aged children in Five areas:

1. Teaching them to pat attention so they can become better learners.

2. Developing better coordination so they can become better athletes.

3. Teaching them how to be more respectful and courteous.

4. Showing them the foundational qualities of cooperation and trust. 

5. Teaching them basic Martial Arts , Life, safety skills.

Youth Karate Classes :6-13 year old
Shorin-ryu Karate techniques, kata and Okinawan Kobudo weapons . Sparring and multi-opponent
sparring are also taught. This Class teaches all the benefits of Martial Arts :
Focusing and Listening,Self-Defense,Balance and Posture, Self-Discipline and Responsibility,Coordination and Motor Skills,Respect Discipline, Behavior

Adult karate Classes: 14 and up 

Adult Karate Class Is Designed to give adults 14 and up in age ,personal protection and the benefits of being active, Healthy and learning all the benefits that Martial Arts Has to offer.


 Totally Fit, Japanese Jiu Jitsu  and Okinawan Kobudo weapons are also Available.



Just for Kicks Karate , Spring Hill Fl.
7257 Forest Oaks Blvd. Spring Hill Fl 34606

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