Spring Hill, Holiday, Odessa Fl. Martial Arts !!

Martial Arts in New Port Richey , Fl.

Women's Personal Protection Class
March 4,2017, 2-4 pm.
Cost is $10 per participant 
(Spring Hill Location)

Welcome to our Newest Location in Odessa Fl.

Our Lil Dragons class is for 3-5  years of age. The class is designed with Martial arts skills, Motor skills, Life and safety skills. Students learn to use their skills they learn to focus, concentrate, balance and many other skills that we all use each day.  See calendar for class times and dates.
Spring Hill Fl.
Holiday Fl.
Our Youth Karate Class is for ages 6-13 years of old. Students learn the Art of Shorin-ryu Karate and Okinawan Weapons system that takes back into the history of each art. Students learn Martial Arts drills they can use to defend themselves in the event of an attack.
Local and State tournaments are attended.
See calendar for class dates and times.
Spring Hill Fl.
Holiday Fl.

Our Adult Karate class is for the ages of 14 and up. Shorin-ryu Karate ,  Okinawan Weapons are taught, along with Martial arts drills that the student can use to defend themselves in the event an attack occurs. 

Local and state tournaments are attended.

Spring Hill Fl.

Testimonies from Student Members

Remember The Name (Clean)
Fort Minor (Mike Shinoda feat. Styles of Beyond)